Bhagwat kriya Research Fellowship Society

Bhagwat Kriya Research Fellowship Society
Establishment Date : 24 January 2012.

Registration Number : 03/27/03/14920/12.

Key Post Holder :
PRESIDENT : Dr. Sarabmeet Singh Bharat (Swami Gurusharanananda).

(Scholar in Philosophy and learned yogi, he is the Chief Mentor and Guide).

SECRETARY : Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Bharaj.

(An Educationist and Chief Administrator of Society).

TREASURER : Mr. Mahesh Patidar.

(Social Worker and Principal of Ma Sharanam School).

Members : 9 Members.
Note : Bhagwat kriya research fellowship society is 12 A and 80G approved.

To fulfill the mission Bhagwat Kriya Research Fellowship Society made a resolution in January 2015 to start a free school with the name ‘MA SHARANAM SCHOOL’.